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User: Stephen
Date: 4/3/2012 11:13 am
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Galapagos Islands Known as the enchanted islands, it is not by chance that is has that nickname, the Galapagos islands is a terrific place like any other place in the world. The wildlife is exceptional, the animals are in everywhere you are standing, and the sea life is incredibly surprising.

Hot and cold ocean currents cross in the northern Galapagos Islands, which brings lots of sea animals to the islands, like the Big Whale shark, Hammerhead shark, big manta rays, colored fishes, all kind of fishes, marine tortoise, etc.

Galapagos is one of the most famous and touristic place because of its fauna and wildlife, IT IS AN ADVENTURE!!.

There are different ways to get know this Terrific place, You could go and book an Hotel in San Cristobal island or Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, and visit the near places, but the best way to get know the Galapagos Islands is book a Galapagos Tours aboard a cruise (I do recommend).

With the Galapagos cruise you would visit different islands and places that the Galapagos Islands offer to us. There are a lot of travel agency that offer Galapagos tours in cruises, but if you ask me for advice I would recommend to you the Luxury yacht Queen of Galapagos!, it is a yacht that the comfort and service are 5 star!. And the best way to book your Galapagos tours is with one Galapagos tours expert that offer  and they have huge discounts and Galapagos last minute deals!

I hope my  advices worth to somebody and if you have the chance to do a Galapagos tours and know the Galapagos islands, do not let it pass is a one life experience, which you won´t regret 


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