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Galapagos trip october 2012 Travel Mate needed
User: Giulia
Date: 9/26/2012 8:01 pm
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we are 3 friends (2 italians and 1 french canadian) planning to go to Galapagos on thr 9th or 10th of october 2012. 
Through a local guide (autorized Galapagos guide) we got a good deal, 6 days and 5 nights islans hopping all included (not flight and fee entry to the park) $600 per person.
The price includes: food, hotel, small yacht, guide, snorkeling stuff, pick up, transports. The islands we will visit will be 6.
But to get this packet we need to be at least 8 people and we only are 3 right now.

I DO NOT sell the trip and I AM NOT a travel agency, no one is making money on it.

If youa re worry about the payment, don't!
hIt will be made once in the island to the guide, so no money in advance to strangers.

We got this deal because I'm friend of the guide and he made this tour just for us, the only restriction is: we need to be at least 8, in order to pay the basic expenses (Galapagos is really expensive).

If you are interested contact me, you have to buy the flight by your own (we found it on and it was a way cheaper than the one the agencies in Quito and Guyaquil sell).

We are planning to fly from Guyaquil on the 9th or 10th (still don't have the ticket) and really hope we can find other people we can share this trip with.

 If you are interested just write me and I can provide you the itinerary and more information.

we have been looking in many acencies in Quito and Guayquil but we couldn't find anything like this.

we hopw to hear from you



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