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Galaven Yacht has ceased operation in September 2018.
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There are two suites on the upper deck with two beds each, as well as four cabins in the main deck with two beds each, and two cabins in the sundeck with two beds each. All the cabins are air-conditioned, and they have attached bathrooms with hot water. The yacht's outdoor area is also a highlight, with its comfortable and large seating. Sun chairs are available in the outdoor seating area. They provide the perfect place to relax and come equipped with sunshades so you can stay out of the sun. The spacious yacht provides one of the most spectacular views of the islands, the ocean and their dreamlike beauty. This Galapagos Galavenyacht features a spacious dining room that offers quality service and food.

This magnificent yacht's library has both a television and DVD player that are always playing presentations or briefings about the Galapagos Islands. The yacht also boasts experienced guides that provide detailed information on the history of the Galapagos Islands, their demographics, and more. In addition to the experienced guides, there are also a captain, 8 crew members and a chef who will make your trip a memorable one.

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