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Diamante Sailboat

The Diamante is a brigatine schooner motor sailer, a modern version of the great naval training ships. She first began her dedication to the Galapagos in 1993.

The Diamante has a bright, and airy deck house where the main salon & dining room is. The beamed main salon is tastefully decorated and offers 360 degree views of the ocean.

The Diamante’s 6 double cabins are divided into 4 cabins with comfortable upper/lower berths and two with double beds.

Her interior is decorated with teak, mahogany and the beamed dining room provides a great atmosphere. The Diamante is perfect for a relaxed cruise in the Islands. Upon request, she can be fitted with sea kayaks to paddle the bays when she is at anchor. With a sleek, elegant hull, stunning white sails, and top-notch service of her crew and guides, the Diamante is unbeatable for sailing in the Galapagos.

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