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Galapagos Luxury Class Cruising

When we talk of luxury cruises in the Galapagos Islands we must clarify our terms: None of the boats in the archipelago are fit to a 5 star rating.

There are few vessels that in-spite of the remoteness offer a higher end cruising experience, and can be called boutique ships.

Boats in this category deliver creature comforts, fine dining, well appointed spacious cabins, a handcrafted itinerary and an encyclopedic level naturalist guide.

They are your true home away from home.

All yachts & expedition ships receiving this designation are air conditioned, offer hot water, double
lower berth seaview cabins with private bathrooms, and spacious social areas (dining room, living room, sun decks, dipping pools).
They also tend to be bigger and offer more stability (all expedition ships fall into this category) and have the best cruise itineraries (i.e. they visit more remote islands).

Explore the Galapagos islands aboard intimate & luxurious boutique small ships & yachts. The finest that sail the archipelago.

Galapagos Luxury Cruise Boats

We list the finest expedition ships and yachts that navigate the archipelago.

Anahi Catamaran

Galapagos travel Anahi catamaran luxury Islands cruises and tours in the Isles of Darwins wake, small intimate voyage with top naturalist guides.

Galapagos Legend

Galapagos travel advisor – Galapagos Legend ship review, cruise vessel description, comments and ratings, testimonials from travellers and more information about this boat.

Galapagos Explorer II

Galapagos travel advisor – Galapagos Explorer II ship review, considered the most luxurious boat in the Islands, we offer a description, reviews and ratings for this fine mega-yacht.

Galapagos Eclipse

Galapagos travel advisor – Eclipse cruise ship reviews & ratings for this mega yacht, luxury class boat comments on expedition trips & facilities on board.

Coral Yacht

Galapagos travel advisor – Coral yacht description & reviews from travellers on this luxury class mega-yacht, booking information & operator contact details.

Galapagos Evolution

Galapagos travel advisor – Galapagos Evolution ship reviews & ratings for this luxury class sailboat offering Islands cruises. Traveller testimonials and commentaries.

Coral II Yacht

Galapagos travel advisor – Coral II yacht description & ratings of this small vessel, operator contact information and reviews from travellers who have been on board.

Celebrity Xpedition

Galapagos travel advisor – Celebrity Xpedition ship reviews, read ratings on this luxurious yet controversial cruise boat sailing in the enchanted Isles.

Santa Cruz

Galapagos travel advisor – Santa Cruz ship reviews & passenger testimonials, boat descriptions and ratings for this Islands expedition vessel.

Isabela II

Galapagos travel advisor – Isabela II mega yacht reviews, description of this small ship and reviews from past travellers, operator contact details for direct bookings


Galapagos travel advisor – Alta sailing yacht reviews from real travellers, description of one of the Islands finest sailboats with ratings from past guests

Lammer Law

Galapagos travel advisor – Lammer Law trimaran reviews and comments on this motor sailor, a full description and passenger ratings for tis Islands cruise boat.


Galapagos travel advisor – Parranda yacht description & reviews, boat layout and facilities, cruise program and ratings by passengers. Booking contact.


Galapagos travel advisor – Polaris ship description & reviews for this Limblad expeditions vessel, testimonials from past travellers on boat & itinerary quality.


Galapagos travel advisor – Islander small ship description, cruise boat reviews, program details and vessel ammenities, contact information for bookings.


Galapagos travel advisor – Integrity yacht description & testimonials from passengers who have been on board. Cruise program reviews and contact info for direct bookings.

Jesus del Grand Poder

Galapagos travel advisor – Jesus del Gran Poder yacht also known as Galapagos agressor offering Islands liveaboard dive cruises, passenger reviews. Direct Booking contact.


Galapagos travel advisor – Albatross aka Agressor yacht description and passengers reviews for this diving boat, direct contact for bookings.

Mary Anne

Galapagos travel advisor – Mary Anne Sailing ship, description of this barquentine and reviews from travellers who have sailed the Islands on this romantic boat.

Eric, Letty, Flamingo

Galapagos travel advisor – Eric, Letty, Flamingo yachts, description of these identical triplets, passenger reviews and information for direct contact with operator.

Deep blue

Galapagos travel advisor – Deep blue dive liveaboard yacht, information and details on this scuba equiped boat, passenger reviews and contact info.

Millenium catamaran

Galapagos travel advisor – Millenium catamaran description & reviews. Program & boat details, testimonials from Islands cruise passengers and direct booking contact.

Sky Dancer

Galapagos travel advisor – Sky Dancer dive liveaboard descriptions and program details, passenger comments and ratings. Direct booking contact.