Galapagos travel advisor – Tourist class boat reviews

Galapagos tourist class cruising

The Galapagos Tourist Class yachts offers lower prices – they are value oriented and geared to younger traveller who is not concerned with luxury and sumptuos accommodations. Boats in this category have few frills, basic accommodations, and average public space.

These boats often cater to student groups, younger people, or budget travelers who do not want to spend all their money but want some basic comforts. As such, tours tend to be fairly laid-back, and crew members and guides are of good quality yet not outstanding. Guides on tourist class boats are younger and less experienced or not as well known (does not mean that they know less), they still have gone through rigorous training by the Galapagos National Park.

The Galapagos Tourist yachts offer an affordable way to enjoy the beauty of the Galapagos Islands in small but comfortable twin share cabins. These yachts have private bath/shower with hot water and bunkbeds in most cabins. The tourist yachts tend to travel to the more central Galapagos Islands and have a certified, bilingual naturalist guide on every cruise.

They offer great services without the commodities of the other yachts. It’s not a bad option for those who are less concerned with comfort than cost.

Galapagos tourist class yachts

The following yachts offer tourist class cruises in the Galapagos Islands:

Darwin yacht

Galapagos travel advisor – Darwin yacht islands cruises on a value oriented boat, nice and comfy at an accessible price. Great service. Traveller reviews and direct booking contact.

Floreana yacht

Galapagos travel advisor – Floreana yacht islands boat for good value trips at a friendly price, reviews by real travellers and direct contact information.

Encantada sailboat

Galapagos travel advisor – Guantanamera liveaboard dive boat offering value oriented scuba diving & naturalist cruises, trip reviews by real travellers & contact info.

Guantanamera yacht

Galapagos travel advisor – Mistral yacht adventure information on this spacious yet intimate boat, scuba equipped, built in Holland. Passenger comments & booking contact.

Aida Maria

The sixteen passenger Aida Maria yacht offers a great combination of comfort, style and value for tours in the Galapagos Islands.

Amigo yacht

Galapagos travel advisor – Amigo yacht description & routes, nice boat fair price, real traveller reviews & ratings, operator contact details.

Adventure II

Galapagos travel advisor – Adventure II yacht details & cruises around the Islands, great comfort at a low price. Traveller ratings and direct contact information.

Cruz del Sur

Galapagos travel advisor – Cruz del Sur yacht, boat description & details. Spacious vessel at friendly price. Ratings by real tourists, direct contact details.

Daphne yacht

Galapagos travel advisor – Daphne yacht cruises & details. Spacious vessel at friendly price. Ratings by real tourists, direct contact details.

Pelikano yacht

Galapagos travel advisor – Pelikano yacht details & ratings. This is a boat that merges price and comfort quite well offering good value. Direct booking contact.


Galapagos travel advisor – Seaman yacht dive equipped liveaboard, see descriptions and reviews by real travellers, add your rating. Find cruise operator contact info.

Valkiria catamaran

Galapagos travel advisor – Valkiria Catamaran layout information & details for this very stable & comfortable boat, see traveller ratings and find the operators contact info.