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Galapagos Orca hotel

Orca Hotel is located at Oro beach, just by the sea, 10 minutes from the airport. Nearby is the Interpretation Center of the Galapagos. This first-class and homey Hotel Orca, on the island of San Cristóbal, is the perfect setting for quietly enjoying the enigmatic ambiance of the archipelago.

Imagine being at the oceanfront with sealions and marine iguanas sharing the view of unbelievable sunsets and bobbing yachts. This is what you find at Hotel Orca!

A small top end hotel with 20 rooms offering private bathrooms, air conditioning and refrigerator.

Facilities and Activities

The hotel offers a variety of activities including:
* diving
* mountain biking
* kayaking
* horse riding to the highlands

On the premises is also a restaurant and a library.

Hotel Orca is the largest, and perhaps nicest place to stay, but may require advanced reservation with a tour.

Contact information:

Class :First Class

Contact : Patricia Bastidas

Phone :05 2 520 233

Fax : 05 2 527029
E-mail :
E-mail :

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