Galapagos travel advisor – Santa Cruz Island hotels

Galapagos Santa Cruz hotels

If you are visiting the Galapagos Islands it is a great idea to spend some time on Santa Cruz Island. This is why we have prepared a list of all the Santa Cruz Island hotels and a descriptive page for each and we include reviews from real travellers. We also list contact information so you can book direct.

We invite you to explore the possibilities for places to stay in Puerto Ayora and the highlands. If you have visited the properties listed, please add your review for other travellers to see.

There are many hotel options in Santa Cruz from very simple youth hostels to elegant hotels of the highest quality. We recommend staying in Santa Cruz for several days if you can.

You will enjoy the hotels and activities available on the island from kayaking and snorkeling to renting horses, bicycles and trekking.

Santa Cruz accommodations

Royal Palm
Galapagos travel advisor – Royal Palm hotel reviews, description of amenities, rooms and social areas. Luxury spa & resort in the Islands. Passenger comments. Booking info.

Finch Bay
Galapagos travel advisor – Finch Bay hotel reviews, description of facilities, rooms, social areas. One of the nicer hotels in the archipelago. Traveller ratings. Booking contact.

Red Mangrove Inn

Galapagos travel advisor – Red Mangrove inn reviews, high end property in a unique natural setting very posh and uniquely decorated. Traveller reviews and booking contact.

Galapagos travel advisor – Silberstein hotel review & facilities. Fine property, one of the most reputable in the Islands. Traveller comments & opinions. Contact info.

Hotel Galápagos
Galapagos travel advisor – Hotel Galápagos reviews & description, one of the first dive resorts just next to the Darwin station. Guest ratings and contact info..

Sol y Mar
Galapagos travel advisor – Sol y Mar hotel review, very popular by the waterfront of Academy bay. Guest ratings and direct booking contact.

Las Ninfas
Galapagos travel advisor – Las Ninfas hotel review, central location by the harbor also near the Ninfas lagoon. Traveller comments & ratings. Booking contact.

Galapagos travel advisor – Fernandina hotel review & details, very reputable one of the first hotels has a swimming pool. See traveller ratings. Contact information.

Grand Lobo de Mar
Galapagos travel advisor – Grand Lobo de Mar hotel, located by the waterfront just off the main street in Puerto Ayora. Guest ratings and direct booking contact.

Red Booby inn
Galapagos travel advisor – Red Booby inn review, new in December 2005 very cozy place with nice rooms & fine amenities. See traveller reviews and booking contact.

Hotel Castro
Galapagos travel advisor – Castro hotel review & details, central location near the harbor, value oriented property. See passenger ratings & reservation contact.

Santa Fe apartments
Galapagos travel advisor – Santa Fe apartments review, for those planning to stay a little longer well appointed appartment service, see traveller ratings & contact details.

Estrella del Mar
Galapagos travel advisor – Estrella del mar hostal review, small property with nice rooms, great value. See traveller comments and reservation contact.

Fiesta hostal
Galapagos travel advisor – Fiesta hostal review & details, central location good value, see ratings posted by past guests and contact information for bookings.

Lirio del Mar
Galapagos travel advisor – Lirio del Mar hostal reviews and details, very colorfull property in the center of Puerto Ayora. See traveller ratings and contact info.

Lobo de Mar
Galapagos travel advisor – Lobo de Mar hotel reviews and details, this is the older wing of Gran Lobo de Mar rooms are a little less touched up, same good service. See ratings & contact info.

Galapagos travel advisor – Palmeras hotel reviews & details, really nice property, central location & friendly price. See ratings by past guests & contact info.

Salinas hotel
Galapagos travel advisor – Salinas hotel review & details, well appointed rooms in the heart of Puerto Ayora. See comments from travellers and booking information.

Sir Francis Drake
Galapagos travel advisor – Sir Francis Drake inn review & details, small property central location, inside is better than outside look. See ratings & contact information.

Mainao hostel
Galapagos travel advisor – Mainao hostel review & details, small friendly place with good service. See ratings and reservation contact.

Pension Gardner
Galapagos travel advisor – Pension Gardner hostel review & details, small property in Puerto Ayora – Santa Cruz Islands. See ratings and booking info.

Darwin hostel
Galapagos travel advisor – Darwin hostel review & information, cheap with basic facilities. See ratings and contact details.

Hostel España

Galapagos travel advisor – España hostel review & information, small property with comfortable rooms. Recommended for budget travellers. See ratings & contact details.

Flamingo hostel
Galapagos travel advisor – Flamingo hostel review & information, comfortable rooms budget traveller oriented. See comments from guests & booking contact.

La Peregrina
Galapagos travel advisor – La Peregrina hostel information & review, central location with basic facilities. See passenger testimonials & reservation contact.

Los Amigos
Galapagos travel advisor – Los Amigos hostel review & details, as it name mentions – friendly service and basic rooms. See ratings from guests & contact info.

Nuevo Elizabeth
Galapagos travel advisor – Nuevo Elizabeth hostel review & details, clean and basic rooms. See ratings from guests & contact info.