Galapagos Travel Advisor

Galapagos Travel Advisor, reviews Islands Cruises, Tours, hotels

Galapagos travel advisor, reviews Islands cruises, tours, hotels

The Galapagos Islands travel guide

Galapagos travel advisor provides an easy online guide to assist you with the planning of your trip to the Galapagos Islands & Ecuador.

Comprehensive Galapagos travel directories of hotels and accommodation, Cruise boats & expedition ships, tours and travel packages and more are all accessible from one Galapagos Islands megasite!

Information about popular destinations and Galapagos Islands "must-see" attractions in the Islands and in Ecuador, and a comprehensive set of Galapagos Islands & Ecuador maps, is provided as well as information for each Island in the archipelago.

We offer you the contact information for the Galapagos Islands tour operators, owners of hotels, cruise boats and travel outfitters so you can deal direct and save on your bookings / galapagos - travel - advisor .com does not take commissions on bookings. Full contact details, photographs, maps and descriptions of facilities or services offered, are provided for all service providers inthe Galapagos Islands be these: accommodation, cruise, tours and service suppliers, and all enquiries go directly to the establishments and Galapagos tour operators of your choice. If you wish to make reservations we recommend a Galapagos Cruise reservation center.

The best part of it all is that you get to review each Galapagos Islands yacht, ship, hotel, lodge, restaurant and tour operator and write a report advising other travellers. You also get to read Galapagos travel reviews written by real travellers.

If something is not correct you get to make it right, after you travel you can post your Galapagos travel journal or join in on our Galapagos Islands travel forum and offer real time advice to fellow travellers. Our forum also helps people find travel companions or put a group together and save money.

Join our Galapagos Islands travel community and see how easy it is to plan a trip to the Enchanted Isles with our online guide.


Galapagos travel forum

Request travel advice, post or answer specific questions about Galapagos Islands tourism. Ask about a particular tour operator, hotel or expedition ship. Post a review or start a conversation about the Galapagos Islands.


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Galapagos Islands travel discussions

Read a summary of all our travel forums and blogs, here you will find travel advice and comments from visitors, operators, advisors and local Galapagos Islands people discussing how to organize a better Galapagos Islands trip

Galapagos travel partners forum

  • Choice of sidetrips - HI,
  • Christmas - How far in advance should one book a Galapagos cruise for the Christmas departures?
  • Quito or Guayaquil - I am worried about comming into Quito with the new airport, is it worth rerouting through Guayaquil?
  • Cotopaxipungo - I heard of a new lodge near Quito at the foothills of Cotopaxi volcano, it is called Cotopaxipungo, any news?
  • Trip extensions from Galapagos - Hello Friends, Is it possible to combine Galapagos with Peru or Chile? Any itinerary ideas...
  • Sacha Lodge - My favourite lodge in the Amazon of Ecuador is Sacha, it has an impressive canopy walkway.
  • About Napo Wildlife Center - We have most of our trip sorted out. We heard that Napo Wildlife Center is the best lodge in the Amazon of Ecuador. Are there other noteworthy alternatives?
  • Lava Tunnels - Hello Community, Look forward to learning about travel to Galapagos. It looks like a very helpful community.
  • Enchanting Galapagos - Hello Friends,
  • Espanola Island or Genovesa Island - I heard that Espanola is one of the un - missable sites in Galapagos, I am being offered a last minute cruise from a neighbour who cannot travel because she fell and broke her hip... it does not include Espanola but visits Genovesa which they say is just as good. Any insight on this?

Main Offices Address: Av. Rumiñahui 221 y 1ra Transversal, San Rafael                                                                                          Quito - Ecuador