Luxury Yacht Charters and the Present day in Galapagos Cruising 

Luxury Yacht Charters and the Present day in Galapagos Cruising 
Can you imagine what it was for the first adventurers who wanted to explore the Galapagos Islands? These pioneers would board adapted fishing craft with shared bathrooms, cramped lower deck cabins, carboard matresses and other rustic accommodations.
Fast forward into the present day and the islands boast full grown fleets of ships, yachts, catamarans & cruises that provide guests an adventure of a lifetime. Perfected through the years, Galapagos cruises provide an all inclusive experience ranging from short to long itineraries, covering most corners of the islands.
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As one of the first organizations to provide Galapagos cruises, Voyagers Travel has curated a fleet of two ships and long expertise in guiding visitors around the islands. All our luxury Galapagos cruise yachts and boats are available for charter.The length of your cruise may be the most crucial element in selecting your visit to Galapagos. A visit to Galapagos is a must-see encounter for most, and we know how important it is that each detail of your excursions comes off flawlessly.
On land-based excursions, you stay in eco-lodges or hotels at the port towns around the islands of Isabela, Santa Cruz and San Cristobal. Truly a paradise to behold, walk alongside untamed wildlife & invigorate your every sense, the islands will be waiting to enchant you. Stepping ashore on your very first Galápagos Island you'll be thankful you selected a luxury cruise from GTA
En suite cabins on a luxury vessel will be bigger than a normal craft and may feature private balconies.Please contact us for more information about a Galapagos luxury cruise.Our Galapagos Islands cruise luxury charters are best for groups of guests. The Galapagos islands are home to a vast array of endemic species of flora and fauna which you are able to spot from your private balconies on board cruises like the Natural Paradise yacht and ample Alya catamaran.
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Our selection of luxury Galapagos cruises is hand-picked and personally inspected to bring you only the finest boats and experiences available from the Galapagos Islands. All our Galapagos cruises focus on providing a comfortable platform to get travelers out exploring the landscapes and the exceptional wildlife of the islands throughout daily guided shore trips and hikes to the most important visitor sites. Most trips begin and end in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Santa Cruz or even Baltra Island. Cruising the Galapagos islands is by far the simplest way of getting to know the Archipelago. Galapagos cruises emerged as a result of restricted access to the more remote islands in the archipelago, which makes it difficult to offer land based tours.
An unmatched adventure like no other in the world, catering guests with an unparalleled approach to nature and wildlife. Galapagos luxury yacht charters provide travelers the ability to create a more intimate cruise experience while adapting the itinerary to suit your group's interests and skills and spend less. The tasteful design includes a massive sundeck, jacuzzi and spacious cabins each with private balcony provides a distinctive experience with the best naturalist guides.
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However, the company also offers hotel based programs from the Galapagos, luxury hotel accommodation in Quito's old city and a choice of lodges from the Andes highlands and Amazon basin close to the city of Quito. Andre Robles, managing director for Voyagers Travel Company, talks with Nori Quintos head editor at National Geographic Traveler, regarding the many travel products his Quito-based tour operation offers in Ecuador and the Galapagos. Travelers looking for a distinctive experience can charter a private Galapagos luxury boat, expedition yacht or ship.