Anali | Galapagos Catamaran


M/C Anali, a first-class 16-passenger motor catamaran, features eight cabins, including twin, convertible, and matrimonial. This yacht has a special eight-to-one ratio of guests to guides, which ensures that all activities and sites are fully enjoyed by the guests.

Design of the catamaran ensures stability and comfort, allowing for safe and enjoyable cruising. The cabins are equipped with large windows, which provide stunning views and have air conditioning for comfort. Cabins have private bathrooms, and plenty of space to store luggage.

The Anali experience is a high level of comfort and service. Crew members ensure that cabins receive daily attention, including fresh towels and drying services.

The catamaran also has spacious communal areas, where guests can unwind and relax after an exciting day. There are many ways to relax on Anali, whether you want to sunbathe on the deck or in hammocks at the front, enjoy the breeze while doing so, drink cocktails in the bar or take in the stunning scenery.

The catamaran has a library and a board game area, as well as a conference room with smart TVs, projectors, and a library.

The perfect option for an unforgettable and comfortable Galapagos experience, Anali offers a wide range of amenities. It promises to provide you with a unique experience that will last a lifetime.

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