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La PintaLa Pinta

The remarkable luxury vessel "La Pinta" pays tribute to the island that once housed the legendary tortoise Lonesome George. Experience the Galapagos' wildlife up close, including the giant tortoises that tower over the archipelago and the vibrant pink flamingos.

Yacht La Pinta is a model of elegance, with its opulent interior and ample spaces to relax and socialize both inside and outside. The Yacht La Pinta has 24 modern and pristine cabins that can accommodate up to 48 people. The 24 cabins are equipped with a bathroom, vertical-rectangle window and a balcony.

Galapagos La Pinta provides an opportunity to learn about the natural history and habitats of these islands as you travel between them. You can enhance your experience with a variety of exciting activities: take part in energizing hikes, kayak through the azure water, snorkel and paddleboard, participate in coastal explorations or discover the wonders beneath the surface through glass bottom boat rides.

Every day brings new discoveries as every island reveals its own unique treasures. There are many opportunities to snorkel, swim, watch whales and dolphins, or simply enjoy the breathtaking views. Passengers can relax on the observation deck or sundeck at the end of the day. They can also enjoy a delicious cocktail in La Pinta’s bar.

La Pinta is a Galapagos Expedition Yacht that combines luxury and warmth seamlessly. It invites you on an unforgettable voyage to the Galapagos Islands' remotest and most treasured islands. Our attentive crew and knowledgeable Naturalist guides provide impeccable service in the yacht's restaurant, bar and sundeck. This ensures unparalleled hospitality and transformational excursions.

Yacht La Pinta’s modern design combines style and comfort in its interior and exterior spaces. This creates an unbreakable link between the guests and the wonders that lie beyond the vessel's exquisite confines.

Culinary director makes sure that the meals have a harmonious blend of international flavors and Ecuadorian traditions. Enjoy breakfast or dinner in the dining room on the Main Deck, which is decorated with comfortable seating. Enjoy lunch at the Outside Sky Bar while libations are available at the Observation Lounge & Bar.

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