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Cachaloe Explorer Galapagos

The spacious Cachalote Explore motor yacht is the perfect way to explore the Galapagos Islands. Built inVancouver B.C. This charming vessel is designed to cruise the Canadian Pacific North West and provide passengers with a comfortable, stable journeyaround the Galapagos Islands. The Cachalote Explorer offers its passengers breathtaking views from the large deck and panoramic windows of the salon. Cachalote's professional and friendly crew will make sure that your journey is enjoyable, satisfying, and unforgettable.

Travel in the Most Authentic Way

The most authentic way of seeing the Galapagos Islands is by sailing. Cachalote Explorer gives its passengers an opportunity to experience wildlife and nature in remote sites only accessible via live-aboard boat. We are proud to provide our guests with knowledgeable naturalist guides. They provide a deeper understanding, more awareness and a better education about the flora. The spaciousness and comfort of the Cachalote Explorer allows passengers to enjoy the scenic views and relax.

An Explorer's Day

Every day, passengers wake up in a different part of the island and depart shortly after breakfast to take part in morning activities. These include walking through one of many visitor sites before embarking on a snorkeling trip.
The boat will then move to another visitor location after lunch. The boat will then move to a new visitor site.
The passengers will disembark later in the day for a second nature walk and possibly another chance to swim and snorkel.


  • Naturalist guides lead all excursions
  • 2 different visitor sites per day (morning & afternoon)
  • Most days, you can enjoy 2 nature walks.
  • Snorkeling is available twice a day.
  • Enjoying the marine life and scenery while relaxing on a yacht
  • Snacks and meals
  • After dinner, there is a briefing by the guide.

The Specs

Details Specifications

The interior is fully air-conditioned and spacious, with a comfortable, well-lit atmosphere. There are sunbathing spaces, sheltered exterior tables, Galapagos books & DVDs, as well as tv.

Mechanical Equipment

1 Caterpillar 600hp main engine
3 Isuzu (2-55kw & 15kw) generators (110 Volt electrical system)
Two Yamaha 20hp Outboard-powered tenders

The Navegational Equipment

GPS, GMDSS VHF radios, HF radio, radars, depth sounder, AIS Type A, navtex, hunter system, auto-pilot, electronic & paper charts. The equipment is compliant with SOLAS and IMO standards

Safety Equipment

All equipment to SOLAS & IMO specifications. The equipment is in compliance with SOLAS and IMO standards

Guest Accommodation

Fully air-conditioned cabins with 8 private washrooms and showers.


The IMO has certified all crew members. Chef, naturalist multilingual guide, barman, engineers, and sailors.

Itineraries & Visits

Cachalote Explorer provides 6 and 8-day itineraries to selected sites (National Park Approved). These sites offer a unique experience with their richness and variety. They are also led by an experienced guide who can help you get to know the Galapagos Islands up-close and personally. These itineraries are easily combined into a 15-day itinerary for travelers who want to get a deeper understanding of the Galapagos Islands.

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