Galapagos Active travel

The Galapagos adventure travel experience goes beyond the traditional boat-based naturalist and diving tours, but the best available selection of land (hotel) based adventure tours in the Islands. Few are the operators with vast experience on the Islands and in the adventure industry that have prompted the creation of unique travel options that reach areas not explored by traditional boat-based tours, but also contribute to the local communities who provide and array of logistical services to  guests. Whether you are kayaking, relaxing in your hotel, navigating across from island to island, or strolling town in search for a good meal, you are contributing to the local population. During times when increased social and political pressures threaten the conservation of the Islands, land based tours provide a viable and sustainable alternative for the development of Island’s inhabitants.

Below is a list of Adventures in Galapagos from 1 day trips to 8 day multi-sport journeys. We provide a short description of these trips and the contact information of the operators with ratings and reviews so you can make an unbiased decision.