Galapagos day tour programs

Galapagos day tours can be quite exciting and are an excellent option for travellers staying at one of the populated Islands and have not booked yacht trips to any visitor sites.

Whether you decided not to take a cruise or to extend your stay this is a non-expensive opportunity to enjoy guided visits to the best attractions on each of the populated Islands without any navigation or a short powerboat ride.

In this section of our website we invite you to learn about the touring options you have when staying at Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela or Floreana Islands. You might find that you like the option of Island hoping instead of cruising. We give you all the details so you can do the Island hop and enjoy some really great visitor sites not available to cruise boat tourists.

In this section we include a list of visitor sites for each of the populated Islands that can be reached without navigation or with a short motoboat ride plus a short description of local tour operators offering these short trips. Each operator is reviewed and rated by real travellers that have visited.

As in all sections, should you find anything that needs correcting we invite you to join in and write up after your trip.


Galapagos populated Islands visitor sites and operators

Galapagos Islands travel advisor - Floreana Island visitor sites for day tours, attractions to be visited without the need of an overnight cruise.
Galapagos Islands travel advisor - Isabela Island visitor sites for day trips, attractions close to Puerto Villamil, locations accesible by land or short navigation by powerboat.
San Cristobal
Galapagos Islands travel advisor - San Cristobal island attractions and visitor sites near Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, tour by local outfitters visiting main Island highlights.
Santa Cruz
Galapagos Islands travel advisor - Santa Cruz Island attractions and visitor sites that allow for day trips reached by land or short navigation without the need of a liveaboard.