Chinese hat

Chinese hat is a tiny Island just off the southeastern tip of Santiago Island is less than a quarter of 1 sq km in size. It is a fairly recent volcanic cone, which accounts for its descriptive name, it has the shape of a down-facing Chinese hat. The hat shape is best appreciated from the northside. Opposite Sombrero Chino, on the rocky shoreline of nearby Santiago, Galapagos penguins are often seen.

it is location in the central part of the Galapagos archipelago allows several cruise itineraries to include this unique Island in their route, usually part of what is known as a central Islands itinerary.

Wet Landing

There is a small sea lion cove on the north shore, where boats anchor and land at the visitor site.

A 400 m..trail goes around the cove and through a sea lion colony - marine iguanas cover the landscape. The volcanic scenery is attractive, and there are good views of the cone. There are snorkeling and swimming opportunities in the cove.