Islands protection & conservation rules

The Galapagos Islands are a very special place. No one who visits them  returns home quite the same; not the scientist who works in the middle of Darwin's laboratory, nor the casual traveler who discovers a little Eden where animals don't run away in fear. The islands are unique, and very delicate, and deserve our best efforts to preserve them in their natural state.

To this end, the National Park has published the following rules. It is essential that you respect and follow these directives, that you stay on the marked paths, and that you do not wander off or lag behind your group. You can expect your Galapagos guide to be quite strict in enforcing these rules, as the guides all love these islands and will do anything they can to protect them.

   1. No plant, animal, or remains of such (including shells, bones, and pieces of wood), or other natural objects should be removed or disturbed.
   2. Be careful not to transport any live material to the islands, or from island to island.
   3. Do not take any food to the uninhabited islands, for the same reason.
   4. Do not touch or handle the animals.
   5. Do not feed the animals. It can be dangerous to you, and in the long run would destroy the animals' social structure and breeding habits.
   6. Do not startle or chase any animal from its resting or nesting spot.
   7. Stay within the areas designated as visitor sites.
   8. Do not leave any litter on the islands, or throw any off your boat.
   9. Do not deface the rocks.
  10. Do not buy souvenirs or objects made of plants or animals from the islands.
  11. Do not visit the islands unless accompanied by a licensed National Park Guide.
  12. Restrict your visits to officially approved areas.
  13. Show your conservationist attitude.

The above rules seem quite extensive, yet there is so much more that you can do, so read on and find out about conservation institutions and their work. 

Galapagos Islands conservation & regulation entities

The conservation of the Galapagos Islands is safeguarded by both local authorities and international non-profit organizations located worldwide.

The main purpose of these institutions is to preserve the natural paradise found in the Galapagos archipelago including both the Islands wildlife reserve and marine reserve.