North Seymour

Seymour is an uplifted (as opposed to volcanic) island and so is generally flat and strewn with boulders. There are good nesting sites here for a large population of magnificent frigate birds. It hosts one of the largest populations of frigate birds, with their magnificent red pouches. Blue-footed boobies perform their courtship dance in the more open area, and swallow-tailed gulls perch on the cliff edges. Despite the tremendous surf that can pound the outer shore, sea lions haul out onto the beach and can be found together with marine iguanas. Watch the beach for body-surfing sea lions.

Its name was given after an English nobleman called Lord Hugh Seymour. It has an area of 1.9 km² and a maximum altitude of 28 meters. This islet is located just north of Baltra.

Dry Landing

The trails loops around this small Island, it starts at a man-made dock and is not too dificult to walk as the land on the Island is flat. The trail is about 1.5 miles long. Here is where you can admire the beautiful frigate birds and nests of blue-footed boobies. Watch your step, as the boobies don't worry much about where they nest, and you might just step on one, keep your eyes open and camera ready as the blue footed booby courtship dance is fun to watch. The trees are dotted with male frigate birds trying to attract the attention of the ladies by inflating their bright red skin flaps. They sometimes fly in the air to call more attention to themselves, which is, in itself, a funny display, as the puffy flap throws off their sense of balance! There's a circular path that takes you through the island to a beautiful, rocky shore where the waves crash a silvery-blue. Marine Iguanas can be seen lying in the sun by the rocks, while sea lions body surf by the shore.

Marine Visitor Sites

This is also a hot diving spot and highly recommended. Here, you have a great chance to see hammerheads, garden eels, tropical fish, sea lions, the pacific green sea turtle, and any number of other colorful, interesting sea life. The currents are strong; just hold on, and enjoy the show.