Galapagos scuba diving cruises

Galapagos is cataloged as one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world by hundreds of divers who have visited the marine reserve of the archipelago.

The readers of dive publications like Rodale scuba diving have voteed the Galapagos as the world all-around best dive site, the Islands were also chosen for the top spot in "Best Fish Life", "Best Big Animal Dive", "Best Advanced Diving" and scored among the top as the "Healthiest Marine Environment", and "Best Value". The Galapagos were named one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World by CEDAM International.

There is an abundance of large animals, sea lions, marine turtles, sharks, rays and whale sharks are common dive companions.

The best way to explore the marine reserve of the Enchanted Isles is on board a live-aboard dive yacht. The advantages are:

    * You can make more than two dives a day, and even include night dives.
    * Less travel time between dive sites
    * It is possible to visit the more remote dive sites, especially Darwin and Wolf (they can only be reached by live-aboard).
    * Public transport around the Islands is limited.
    * The cruises travel by night and you dive by day.

Below we list the main live-aboard yachts that offer dive cruises in the archipelago. within two diferent categories:

Dive only cruises and Combined dive - naturalist cruises.

Dive only makes honor to its name, you have around 3 dives per day with some night dives and usually includes a visit to Darwin and Wolf.

Combined dive cruises are naturalist cruises with ocassional diving in between land visitor sites. This ideal for families where not every member is a diver.

Both experiences cater to different crowds its up to you to decide which will satisfy you the most. Some boats offer both so be sure to check the itinerary and program before you book.