8 Day Galapagos Islands Cruise: Unforgettable Wildlife and Pristine Beaches Explored

8 Day Galapagos Islands Cruise: Unforgettable Wildlife and Pristine Beaches Explored

Embark on an unforgettable 8-day voyage through the Galapagos Islands aboard the M/C Hermes, a journey that promises a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Explore diverse landscapes and encounter the renowned wildlife that defines the Galapagos. Departing from Baltra, the cruise takes you to various islands, including Santa Cruz, where you'll witness the incredible Galápagos giant tortoises in their natural surroundings. Brace yourself for an exciting exploration of the captivating volcanic islands, providing ample opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and observing captivating flora and fauna.

Highlights of the cruise include delving into the underground lava tunnels of Santa Cruz, hiking to the summit of Bartolomé for stunning panoramic views, and observing unique wildlife at Punta Pitt. Don't miss the chance to snorkel around Pinnacle Rock, an iconic volcanic formation in the Galapagos, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and natural splendor of the region. The Hermes catamaran ensures a comfortable and unforgettable journey as you navigate the enchanted islands of the Galapagos.

Key Takeaways

  • Embark on an 8-day journey aboard the M/C Hermes to explore diverse Galapagos destinations.
  • Enjoy unique and unforgettable activities, including snorkeling at the renowned Pinnacle Rock and a visit to observe the majestic Galápagos giant tortoises.
  • Discover the distinctive landscapes and wildlife that define the Galapagos, creating a vacation paradise like no other.

Full Itinerary Hermes Catamaran 8 day Galapagos cruise

Day by day

Day 1 : Baltra Airport to Santa Cruz Island
Commence your adventure with a visit to Baltra Airport, where you'll seamlessly transition to your cruise ship. Upon boarding, set sail for the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, where you'll explore a tortoise ranch and marvel at captivating volcanic formations.
Day 2 : Rábida Island and Bartolomé Island
On day two, venture to Rábida Island, known for its distinctive red landscape, housing a lively sea lion colony and a saltwater lagoon. Following this, set course for Bartolomé Island, where a hike awaits, guiding you to a panoramic viewpoint of the archipelago. Additionally, seize the chance to snorkel in the crystalline waters surrounding the iconic Pinnacle Rock.

Itinerary Map

Floreana | Galapagos Islands
Corona del Diablo | Galapagos Islands
Lobos Island | Galapagos Islands


Accommodation in double cabin.
Fuel Surcharge.
All activities and excursions as depicted in the itineraries in company of a bilingual naturalist guide.
Snorkeling equipment.
Stand up Paddle Board
Cooking and cocktail lessons.
All meals on board.
Purified water, tea, coffee
Non – alcoholic beverages
Selected menu premium wines, beer and cocktails
Laundry service
Mini bar consumption
Butler service

Does not include

Air ticket to and from Galapagos.
Gratuities to guides and crew.
Personals expenses.
Alcoholic drinks not included in menu selection
Travel insurance.


Discover a range of Galapagos destinations on the M/C Hermes, including Santa Cruz, Rábida, Bartolomé, South Plaza, Santa Fe, San Cristóbal, Española, and Floreana Islands.
Experience the extraordinary sight of Galápagos giant tortoises in their natural habitat on Santa Cruz Island. Witness the diverse wildlife, including marine iguanas, sea lions, and varied bird colonies, on different islands throughout your journey.
Adopt conservation practices by adhering to Galapagos National Park guidelines. Engage responsibly in wildlife watching, water activities, and guided nature walks to ensure minimal impact on the delicate ecosystem.

Dates & Rates

Embark on an 8-day voyage through the Galapagos Islands aboard the Hermes Luxury Catamaran, where guests have the option of two distinct itineraries: the Central Islands Loop and the South Islands Loop. With a maximum capacity of 20 passengers, the catamaran provides a selection of suites for double occupancy. The Hermes Catamaran offers the following key features:

  • Accommodations: 6 convertible double suites on the upper deck, 6 convertible double suites on the main deck, and 2 single suites
  • Crew: A team of 15 members, including a butler and a cruise director
  • Category: Luxury
  • Amenities: All suites include a private balcony, minibar, walk-in closet, and Jacuzzi
  • Speed: Capable of reaching a maximum speed of 12 knots

Experience a lavish and comfortable Galapagos cruise on the Hermes Catamaran, complete with contemporary amenities, attentive crew, and spectacular views of the unique island wildlife.

Child Discount

Children under 12 can avail a 15% discount on their journey, which may extend to cover Galapagos flight fares and entrance fees. To gather more details, it is advisable to reach out to the tour provider.

The package price encompasses the following:


  • 7 nights of accommodations
  • All meals (7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners)
  • Ground transportation
  • Activities and excursions
  • Access to a 24/7 emergency line
  • Rental of snorkeling and kayaking gear
  • Wetsuits available on board
  • Bilingual naturalist guide
  • Pre-departure services and in-country assistance
  • Transfers and baggage handling in the Galapagos
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and water


  • Gratuities
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Flight costs (request a quote from the tour provider)
  • Additional excursions during free time
  • Fuel and transportation surcharges (when applicable)
  • Galapagos Park Entrance Fee ($100 per adult, $50 per child under 12)
  • Internal flights between Mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos ($475-675)
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

When to Visit

The optimal to ideal timeframe for a Galapagos visit attracts numerous travelers. During this period, anticipate encountering a diverse range of wildlife, including marine iguanas, sea lions, giant tortoises, and blue-footed boobies. Delight in the clear and immersive experience of exploring volcanic formations and the unique flora of these islands.


An 8-day expedition through the Galapagos Islands presents a distinctive chance to explore one of the world's most extraordinary ecosystems. As you embark on this journey, consider these helpful tips and conservation practices for a maximized and responsible experience.

Preparation Suggestions:

Research the finest 8-day Galapagos cruises to identify the most suitable itinerary.
Pack comfortable, lightweight clothing, along with swimwear, sun protection, and a reusable water bottle.
Familiarize yourself with the distinctive wildlife you might encounter.

Conservation Recommendations:

Adhere to the guidelines of the Galapagos National Park and follow the instructions of your naturalist guide.
Refrain from touching, feeding, or approaching the animals too closely.
Minimize the use of plastic and responsibly dispose of any waste to safeguard the fragile ecosystem.


  • Participate in wildlife observation opportunities, such as observing giant tortoises at the Jacinto Gordillo Breeding Center.
  • Engage in water-based activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle-boarding to interact with marine life as part of a luxurious Galapagos Islands vacation package.
  • Take part in guided nature walks or hikes to fully immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes of the Galapagos.

By heeding these tips and conservation practices, you contribute to ensuring the best possible experience for yourself while preserving the beauty of the Galapagos Islands for generations to come.

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