Best of Galapagos West

Best of Galapagos West

Start your trip from Baltra Airport, located on Baltra Island. This historic location was a crucial US Airforce Base during World War II. Start by exploring the Black Turtle Cove mangrove estuary, which is only accessible by panga. Sombrero Chino, near Santiago Island is a volcanic island with vibrant marine life. Explore the beautiful Espumilla beach on Santiago Island. It is renowned for its nesting turtles and palo santo forest.

Explore Fernandina island, home to the marine iguanas Punta Espinosa and the flightless cormorants. Elizabeth Bay, Punta Moreno and Isabela Island are home to diverse birdlife and marine life. At the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island, immerse yourself into conservation efforts, learning about the unique flora, fauna and a visit the Fausto Llerena breeding centre for giant tortoises.

Mosquera island offers pristine beaches, wildlife and a chance to end your journey. As you depart the Galapagos Explorer, return to Baltra Airport to catch your flight.

Day by day

Day 1 : Santa Cruz Island: Arrival
You will receive a warm reception upon arrival and be taken to the Galapagos Explorer.
Explore Black Turtle Cove located along the north shores of Santa Cruz Island in the afternoon. The mangrove estuary is only accessible by panga and offers an untouched, natural environment. The cove, which is designated as a turtle refuge, provides a rare and unique experience.
Day 2 : Chinese Hat & Rabida Island
Sombrero Chino Island is also called the Chinese Hat. This island is dominated by a gently sloped volcanic cone that rises from the sea, and resembles an old-fashioned Chinaman hat. The west coast of the island is adorned by coral-headed lava, which indicates that the lava formed beneath the ocean. Be on the lookout for Galapagos Sea Lions, Marine Iguanas, and vibrantly red Sally Lightfoot Crabs. Lava cactus growing in cracks and crevices of the volcanic formations is a stunning sight.
Afternoon: Visit Rabida Island. It is renowned for the vibrant colors of its volcanic landscapes and unique color palette. It has a red sand beach, breathtaking views and a sunrise that is unmatched. Discover the beauty and uniqueness of Rabida Island. Capture the vivid hues, and the captivating scenery.

Itinerary Map

Cala Bucanero | Galapagos Islands
Bahía Tortuga | Galapagos Islands
Punta Vicente Roca | Galapagos Islands


Three meals daily
Soft drinks, house wines, local brand spirits and beers, teas and coffees, and refreshments on excursions
All excursions including panga tours, hikes, island visits, beach walks, visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station, sea kayaking and snorkelling (included snorkelling gear: short wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins)
Guides' Journal with illustrations of fauna and flora to record your sightings
Area map with illustrated Star Birds checklist
Emergency medical evacuation insurance
VIP Lounge at the Galapagos’ airports, road transfers to and from Galapagos Airport (Baltra or San Cristóbal Island)
Limited laundry
Internet (via Starlink)

Does not include

Administration fee
Telephone calls
All items of a personal nature
Flights to and from the Galapagos Islands
Champagne, cognacs, fine wines, premium brand spirits and cigars
Landing fees
Travel insurance
Park fees
Migratory card


Encounter the majestic green sea turtles gracefully swimming in the pristine waters of Black Turtle Cove, a designated turtle sanctuary.
Immerse yourself in the rich avian diversity as you navigate the cove on a panga, with opportunities to spot various boobies, herons, and pelicans.
Explore the mangrove estuary, a national park comprising three mangrove species: black, white, and red. Marvel at the unique ecosystem and the vital role mangroves play in the Galapagos.
Galapagos Explorer
From $10,950.00 per person

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Departure dates

Start DateEnd DateItineraryDuration
2024-06-172024-06-24B8 days
2024-06-242024-07-01A8 days
2024-07-012024-07-08B8 days
2024-07-082024-07-15A8 days
2024-07-152024-07-22B8 days