Enchanted Galapagos Northern and Southern Islands Cruise

Enchanted Galapagos Northern and Southern Islands Cruise

Embark on a captivating 9-day itinerary exploring the Galapagos Islands. From arrival in Santa Cruz to the wonders of Genovesa and the serene beaches of San Cristobal, each day unveils the natural and cultural richness of the archipelago. Discover unique sites, from Bartolomé Island to the Tortoise Breeding Center in San Cristobal, in a journey that celebrates diversity and supports conservation efforts in the Galapagos.

Day by day

Day 1 : Bartolome Island

AM: Journey to the Galapagos

Today marks the beginning of your flight to the Galapagos Islands. As per the regulations set by the Galapagos Government, a migration control card fee of 20 USD is required.

Upon arrival in Santa Cruz, passengers undergo an airport inspection to prevent the introduction of foreign plants or animals to the archipelago. At this inspection point, entrance fees to the Galapagos National Park must be paid, with rates standing at $200 for foreign passengers and $100 for children under 12 years old, effective from September 2024.

Subsequently, your guide will meet you and assist with transferring your luggage to the bus. Passengers will then reach the Catamaran Seaman Journey via a motorized boat known as a Panga.

PM: Exploration of Bartolome Island

Bartolome Island, located across Sullivan Bay, stands at an altitude of 114 meters, providing a vantage point for one of the most picturesque landscapes in the Galapagos Islands. The scenery includes volcanic cones, lunar-like craters, lava fields, and the renowned Toba-formed pinnacle, sculpted by the sea. Despite minimal vegetation, the island boasts two stunning beaches harboring marine turtles, and at the base of the pinnacle, a small colony of Galapagos penguins can be observed.

Day 2 : Mosquera Islet & North Seymour Island

AM: Mosquera Islet Exploration

Nestled between North Seymour and Baltra, Mosquera Islet stands out as one of the smallest islands in the Galápagos, characterized by its volcanic origin and flat terrain resulting from geological uplift.

The islet's most captivating feature lies in the striking contrast of colors. A pristine beach of white sand is framed by transparent turquoise waters, lush green vegetation, and jet-black lava rocks. The visual spectacle is enhanced during the golden hours of early morning or sunset, making Mosquera an ideal location for landscape photography.

PM: North Seymour Island Adventure

North Seymour Island, a raised island rather than volcanic, boasts a generally flat landscape filled with rocks. The island provides excellent nesting sites for a thriving population of magnificent frigatebirds. Witness the enchanting courtship dance of blue-footed boobies in more open areas, while swallow-tailed gulls gracefully perch on the cliff edges.

Despite the powerful surf along the outer shore, sea lions can be spotted hauling out onto the beach and even indulging in body-surfing activities. The unique blend of wildlife and coastal scenery makes North Seymour a must-visit destination in the Galápagos.

Itinerary Map

Pináculo de Roca | Galapagos Islands
Bahía de Correos | Galapagos Islands
Punta Cormorant | Galapagos Islands


All programed visits as per itinerary with specialized naturalist bilingual guide
Accommodation in twin/double cabin with private facilities (surcharge for suite)
All meals on board, drinking purified water, coffee and tea
Snorkeling equipment (fins, mask & snorkel) & sea-kayaks
Transfers within the islands on cruise dates as per itinerary
Personalized 24/7 assistance during tour

Does not include

Airfare to/from Galapagos from/to Mainland Ecuador (to be added)
Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee US$100 per person (in cash only upon arrival)
Galapagos Migration Card US$20 in cash per person (at Mainland’s Airport)
Alcoholic/soft drinks, personal expenses, extras, and tips
All sizes wet-suits for rent on board (in cash)
Travel, medical & cancelation Insurance and any services on Mainland
Other services not specified in the program


Breeding and care of giant tortoises in captivity, promoting conservation and tourism.
Birdwatching with various species, including red-footed boobies, masked boobies, and more.
Stunning landscapes, volcanic cones, lava fields, and Galapagos penguins.
Spot blue-footed boobies, albatrosses, and Nazca boobies, witness the magnificent blowhole.
Enjoy snorkeling with sea turtles, sea lions, and vibrant underwater wildlife.
Best flamingo lagoon, unique beaches, and diverse shorebirds.
Seaman Journey
From $7,032.00 per person
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