Galapagos Diving Cruise

Galapagos Diving Cruise

Embark on an unforgettable exploration of the Galápagos Islands aboard the Galapagos Sky, a diving cruise that showcases the best this region has to offer. Dive into the depths around remote islands such as Darwin and Wolf, renowned for encounters with hammerhead and whale sharks, rays, turtles, and a plethora of marine species. These islands are also home to unique terrestrial wildlife, including seals, frigate birds, and marine iguanas. Please be aware that diving at Darwin and Wolf demands advanced skills, with a minimum of 50 logged open-water dives.

Experience the rugged lava landscapes of Fernandina and discover Isabela's prime snorkeling sites. Delight in snorkeling in pristine, crystal-clear waters and unwinding on untouched beaches frequented by sea lions on San Cristóbal. Gain insights into the evolution of giant tortoises on Santa Cruz and traverse historic trails and waters around Santiago. This journey promises an immersive encounter with the natural wonders and biodiversity of the Galápagos Islands.

Day by day

Punta Albermarle | Marine iguanas | Galapagos Islands
Leon Dormido | Galapagos Islands
Bartolome | Galapagos Islands


Cabin accommodation
All meals, snacks, beverages (including beer, wine, liquors and spirits)
One 80 cu ft/12 liter tank
Weight belt
Up to 4 dives per day on 5.5 days for 7-night cruises
3 land excursions
Service of naturalist guides/dive masters
All other Galapagos Sky services and amenities

Does not include

Trip Interruption or Cancellation Insurance
Dive Accident Insurance (DAN or DiveAssure)
International Airfare to Ecuador (Quito UIO or Guayaquil GYE)
Hotel stay in Ecuador (Quito UIO or Guayaquil GYE)
Domestic Airfare to the Galapagos Islands (Quito UIO or Guayaquil GYE to San Cristobal SCY)
Galapagos National Park entrance fee $100 USD
Transit card (TCT) $20 USD
Hyperbaric chamber fee $35 USD- must be collected in advance
Nitrox (Enriched Air) $200 USD
Rental gear
Gratuities to guides and crew.
Fuel Surcharge $150 USD
Galapagos Sky
From $7,395.00 per person


Sunfish, Mantas, Turtles sighted regularly
Majestic whale sharks at Wolf Island
Two of world's best diving spots: Darwin & Wolf
Hundreds of hammerheads at Darwin's Arch