Itinerary A

Itinerary A

Day by day

Day 1 : Baltra Island & Mosquera Island

Baltra Island Airport

The first airport here was built by Americans during the 2nd World War - remnants of that military base can be easily observed.  The latest airport here touts itself as the world’s first “green” airport. It opened in December 2012.  The terminal consists of recycled steel tubes taken from oil drilling operations in the Amazon.  It spreads over 6,000 square meters and required an investment of just over $24 million. The new complex uses clean, renewable technologies such as solar energy, wind farms, and seawater desalination, among other environmental innovations.  It is kept cool(ish) simply by design - no air conditioning is required.

Mosquera Island

Located between the islands of Baltra and North Seymour, this sand covered reef of rocks and coral (the result of an uprising) has one of the largest populations of sea lions. You can also observe several species of shorebirds and the curious sally lightfoot crabs. There have been occasional reports at this site of Orcas (Orcinus orca) feeding on sea lions. 

Day 2 : Bartolome Island & Santiago Island

Bartolomé Island

Bartolomé Island has two visitor sites that are usually combined into one visit.  The first is a swim and snorkel off a nice beach, around the iconic Pinnacle Rock; the underwater world there is really impressive. Snorkelers are in the water with the penguins, marine turtles white-tipped reef sharks, rays and other tropical fish.  The second site is accessible via a long staircase leading up to a spectacular view point from which you can see the manifestations of recent volcanic activity.

Santiago Island, Sullivan Bay

While it doesn’t boast much wildlife, Sullivan Bay provides visitors with an opportunity to walk across a recent lava flow and examine its otherworldly beauty. Don’t worry; the lava isn’t hot, as it was formed in the late 19th century. The trail here crosses pahoehoe lava, dotted with pyroclastic cones. Inland, striking red and yellow tuft cones rise above the flow. 

Itinerary Map

Estación Científica Charles Darwin | Giant tortoise | Galapagos Islands
Santa Fe  | Galapagos Islands
Mirador de la Baronesa | Galapagos Islands


Full meals on board (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
Welcome/farewell cocktails
24-Hour coffee, tea, & water station
Galapagos Naturalist guides
Transfer from/to Baltra Airport

Does not include

Galapagos National Park entrance fee, $100
Migration control card, $20
Airfare from/to Galapagos
Snorkel equipment (additional charge)
Alcoholic drinks
Medical insurance


Galapagos penguin
Hybrid land/marine iguana
Nazca booby
Vermillion flycatcher
Waved albatross

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