Itinerary B

Itinerary B

Day by day

Day 1 : Baltra Island & Santa Cruz Island: Bachas Beach

White coral beach in the north of the Island Santa Cruz, the Bachas beach. Wet landing and easy walk along the beach. There are small brackish water lagoons behind the sand dune where occasionally it’s possible to observe flamingos and other coastal birds like black-necked stilts, whimbrels and white cheeked pintail ducks. Important: don’t walk on top of the sand dunes because it is a favourite nesting site for sea turtles. After the walk you have the possibility to swim and snorkel from the beach.

Day 2 : Mosquera Islet & Santa Cruz Island: Cerro Dragon

It’s a small sandy island located between North Seymour and Baltra. The wet landing is sometimes a little bit difficult depending of the tide. Mosquera has one of the big sea lion colonies in Galapagos with different Harems and it is a wonderful visiting point to observe their behaviour. Often we have the possibility to see the endemic lava gulls and other coastal birds. On the lava rocks we find marine iguanas and sally lightfoot crabs and under the rocks sometimes scorpions.

The name Cerro Dragon means Dragon Hill and it is a very scenic visiting point. The hike passes first a flamingo lagoon behind the beach vegetation and then leads through an impressive forest of prickly pear cactus forest. A loop trail goes to a small hill where land iguanas live and nest. The view from this small hill over the surrounding landscape is spectacular.


Itinerary Map

Punta Moreno | Galapagos Islands
Mosquera | Galapagos Islands
Islote Champion | Galapagos Islands


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