Itinerary B

Itinerary B

Day by day

Day 1 : Baltra Airport & Mosquera Islet

This particular island had great significance as a strategic location during the Second World War. Additionally, it functions as the main airport for the Galapagos Islands, where tourists and colonists frequently come and go. Upon arriving at Baltra Airport, a naturalist guide fluent in English will be available to provide assistance. Guests will then be transferred to the yacht, where they will receive a welcome and briefing.

Mosquera Islet

Later in the day, after lunch, visitors will disembark at Mosquera Island, located between North Seymour and Baltra. This island is a long, narrow stretch of white sand, rocks, and tide pools that was formed through geological uplift. Unlike the volcanically formed islands that have a conical shape, Mosquera has a flat appearance. The island is an excellent spot for snorkeling, beach strolls, and observing wildlife in a more peaceful environment compared to other more popular islands. This island is home to a significant population of sea lions and various shorebirds. Guests will receive a briefing and dinner on board the yacht.

Day 2 : Isabela Island: Vicente Roca Point & Fernandina Island: Espinoza Point

Isla Isabela: Punta Vicente Roca

In the morning after breakfast, take a ride on a small boat to Vicente Roca Point, which is made up of two separate coves. This location offers a large bay with magnificent marine life, such as seahorses, sea turtles, rays, puffer fish, and the fascinating Mola-mola (or sunfish). You can also observe penguins, blue-footed boobies, and nazca boobies. Have lunch on the yacht.

Isla Fernandina : Punta Espinoza

In the afternoon, there will be a dry landing, and you will take a walk (600 meters round trip, 1.5 hours, flat, sandy, and rocky path) to see the lava flows, a colony of marine iguanas (nesting time: January to June), penguins, pelicans, colonies of cormorants, and lava cactus. There will also be time for snorkeling. Have a briefing and dinner on board in the evening.

Itinerary Map

Punta Albermarle | Marine iguana | Galapagos Islands
Punta Vicente Roca | Galapagos Islands
Playa Las Bachas | Galapagos Islands


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are on tour.
Naturalist Bilingual Guide (English-Spanish).
All the site detailed on the program (may chance due to force majeure)
Snacks after visiting every site.
Unlimited drinking water, tea & coffee.
Airport-Dock, Airport-Itabaca Shuttle Service and vice versa (included only during operational dates).

Does not include

Airfare to and from Galapagos
Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee USD $100, per person
Snorkeling Equipment 5 Days: USD $25, per person – 8 Days: USD $35, per person
Tips, Souvenirs or other expenses.
From $2,670.00 per person

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