4 day wildlife tour in the Galapagos Islands on board the Anahi catamaran

4 day wildlife tour in the Galapagos Islands on board the Anahi catamaran
This tour takes you to Espanola Island in the Southern Galapagos National Park where you can hike into the nesting areas of the world's only colony of waved albatross. The Galapaguera (Giant tortoise sanctuary, breeding center and sanctuary), Post Office Bay and Gardner beach with their white sands and turquoise waters are all important stops. This cruise allows you to experience the unique wildlife of the archipelago via liveaboard. The Anahi catamaran, a boat of first-class with 8 cabins and excellent service, is the perfect vessel to navigate the equatorial waters.

Day by day

Day 1 : San Cristobal Island: Interpretation Center, Cerro Tijeretas & Española Island: Carola Point

You will fly from Quito or Guayaquil to San Cristobal at approximately midday. Our guide will meet you at the lobby and take you to the Yacht Anahi. One of our crew members will handle your baggage and transport it directly to the yacht.

We will head to the dock and board small Zodiacs that will take us to Yacht Anahi. After a welcome drink from our Captain and crew, you will be assigned to your cabins. After lunch, our guide will briefly explain the afternoon activities.

San Cristobal Island: Interpretation Center

You will embark at 2 p.m. and begin your walking tour to the Interpretation Center San Cristobal. It is located outside the small town of Pto. Baquerizo Moreno is the capital of Galapagos Province. The Interpretation Center gives a wonderful introduction to the islands. It covers everything from their natural and human history to the efforts of the National Park and Marine Reserve to preserve the fragile environment. Then we walk up to Frigate Bird Hill.

San Cristobal Island: Cerro Tijeretas

The short hike takes approximately 30 minutes and starts at the Interpretation Center. Visitors are treated to spectacular views of the white beaches, the Kicker Rock formation rising from the Pacific Ocean and the roofs at the Puerto Baquerizo houses. It is home to Frigate birds, who nest there at certain times throughout the year. This gives it its name. Here you can see both the "great" and "magnificent" species of frigate birds.

Espanola Island: Carola Point

We descend from the hill towards Punta Carola, which is a small cove where we can find cute sea lions. A great spectacle!

Day 2 : Española Island: Punta Suarez & Gardner Bay

After a night boat ride, we will arrive at Espanola Island. Also known as Hood Island, it is named after Viscount Samuel Hood. It is located in the southeast corner of the archipelago. It is also considered one of the oldest, at four million years old, and is known as Santa Fe. It is becoming a barren, rocky land that lacks vegetation. There are sand beaches and soft shingle beaches, which attract a lot of Galapagos Sea Lions.

Suarez Point

Two spots are particularly popular with visitors. After breakfast, we will visit Suarez Point. This is a great spot due to its abundant bird-life. There are many species of animals on this island, including the Espanola Mockingbird with a longer, more curving beak than other variations; the Espanola Lava Lizard; and the Marine Iguana subspecies Venustissimus which has red markings on the back. Swallow-tailed Gulls, as well as other tropical birds, can be seen on the rocky slopes. The Waved Albatross is one of the most fascinating attractions. It breeds here every year from March to January. Also, the Blue-footed Boobies perform their mating dances. There are many masked Boobies and colonies of sea lions.

Gardner Bay

After lunch, we'll head back to the yacht and take a brief rest before continuing our afternoon visit Bahia Gardner. This beautiful beach is great for snorkeling and swimming. We will also see a large colony of playful sea-lions. With luck, we may even be able to spot Galapagos Hawks and local snake species.
Finches, mockingbirds and sea turtles.

Itinerary Map

Bahia Gardner | Sea Lions | Galapagos Islands
Playa de Ochoa | Galapagos Islands
Caleta Tortuga Negra | Galapagos Islands


All meals indicated in the itinerary
Coffee and tea station as well as purified water dispenser
Excursions mentioned in the program
Transfers to and from the Anahi Yacht Catamaran
Bilingual naturalist guide (Spanish / English) certified by the Galapagos National Park
Mask and fins for snorkeling

Does not include

Meals not indicated in the itinerary
Additional alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
International and domestic flights
Entrance fee to Galápagos National Park
Traffic Control Card
Personal travel insurance
Tips for the guide and crew
Surcharges for increased fuel costs
Neoprene suit for snorkeling


Learn about the Giant Tortoise breeding programs at "La Galapaguera"
Spot bright green and red colored marine iguanas on Española island
Send a Post Card back home using the Post office barrel on Floreana Island
Snorkel with rays, sea turtles and possibly hammer head sharks at the Devils Crown
From $3,150.00 per person

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