Santa Cruz mountain biking

From Finch Bay Hotel, you cross the bay where our transportation waits for the 8 kilometer drive to the town of Bellavista. The Hotel provides mountain bikes for the 15 kilometer ride on dirt and gravel road to the Garrapatero Beach.

security vehicle will follow the group to provide emergency assistance or to pick-up weary riders along the way. A tour leader will accompany the riders providing information along the way and assisting the riders as needed.

Route 1:

Paradise Downhill Road (14 kilometers/8 miles): With an altitude of 250 meters (820 feet) above sea level this route ends at El Garrapatero, is a newly opened visitor site in the Galapagos for recreational use. Most of the ride is downhill on moderate terrain (gravel and small rocks).

Route 2:

Bike Quest for Giant Tortoises. From the highlands of Santa Cruz ride about 14 kilometers (8 miles) on paved and dirt roads of medium difficulty. Arrive at the El Chato Tortoise Reserve and then take a 45-minute hike within the reserve. In addition to the giant tortoises, look for flycatchers, gallinules, rails, and Darwin's finches. Previous biking experience is suggested. Return to Puerto Ayora by private transportation.

This trip is also operated by most local agencies in Puerto Ayora and can depart from any point in Academy bay.

Operators offering this trip:

Finch Bay hotel

Galapagos Cruises
Website: Galapagos Adventures