Horizon | Galapagos Catamaran

The Horizon Trimaran was built to provide luxury liveaboard cruising vacations on the Galapagos Islands. Jessica Meza, a yacht designer who is now her co-owner, furnished her. Jessica's local partner, a San Cristobal Camilo Chauca native islander, contributed over 20 years of experience in Galapagos cruise operations to the construction of this boat.

This article focuses on luxury travelers who want to get up-close and personal with blue-footed bobies, giant tortoises and whales. The Horizon is one of the most luxurious shipbuilds in Galapagos. The Horizon is graceful, quiet and swift at sea. The motorized trimaran offers spacious cabins with private balconies and a comfortable lounge. There is also a large sundeck and Jacuzzi. The guides on board the Horizon are passionate about the amazing Natural History of Galapagos. They also have a strong educational focus. These are the reasons you'll find amazing client reviews in her weekly cruise report.

She travels on expedition-style cruises of up to 7 nights and 3, 4 or 4 night durations. We can help you book your luxury wildlife vacation if you are looking for superior service, elegant design, and fine cuisine.
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