5 day cruising itinerary aboard the Aida Maria in the Galapagos Islands

5 day cruising itinerary aboard the Aida Maria in the Galapagos Islands
If one could summarize the 5 day cruise itinerary offered by the Aida Maria yacht: "A packed program full of wildlife exploration in the remotest areas of the Galapagos islands". The loop covers the west and central islands of the archipelago, allowing guests to visit highights like Espinoza Point, Black Turtle Cove, Bartolome amongst other wildlife rich locations in less than a week.

Day by day

Day 1 : Baltra Island & Santa Cruz Island: Las Bachas Beach

Fly from the Ecuadorian mainland to the islands on an early morning 90-minute flight. As you prepare to land in Baltra, look out the window. The landscape below will seem otherworldly – you’ll truly be landing in a place like no other. The Galapagos Islands are completely unique and you’re about to see why. Your bilingual naturalist guide will greet you at the airport and meet you after customs. During lunch he/she will introduce you to the islands, specifically the flora and fauna that you will encounter at our first destination, Las Bachas Beach.

On the sandy white beaches of Las Bachas you will get a close look at a sea turtle nesting area as well as a lake frequented by pink flamingos and other migratory birds. Afterwards, you’ll cool off with a dip in the beautiful, blue Pacific Ocean. As this is the first evening together, the crew will invite everyone to a pre-dinner cocktail on the yacht before the welcome dinner. If the night is clear, as it usually is, the stars above will sparkle; look for the Southern Cross, the Big Dipper (turned up-side down!) and Orion.

Day 2 : Isabela Island: Vicente Roca Point & Fernandina Island: Espinoza Point

Early in the morning you’ll have breakfast and then you’ll disembark at Genovesa “Tower” Island, which is located in the northeastern part of the Galapagos (less than half a degree north of the equator).

At “Tower” Island you’ll anchor at Darwin Bay, which is located on the southern part of the island, and is actually the caldera of an extinct, partially eroded volcano, with the surrounding cliffs forming the inner lining of the rim. While the origin of the name “Tower” is not known, one can imagine it had something to do with these towering cliffs. The tour will be a long, fairly-easy walk, but it is usually hot and dry here, so you may want to carry some water. After a wet landing on a coral beach the trail begins in an area where there are several swallow-tailed gulls. As you walk back from the beach, you’ll see a variety of Opuntia cactus and mangroves.

Tower is an outpost for many sea birds (as Española is in the south). Interestingly, there are almost no land reptiles on Tower, only very small marine iguanas. This is attributed to the direction of the ocean currents, which wouldn’t have carried the terrestrial animals here.

Visit El Barranco during the afternoon then return to the boat for dinner.


Itinerary Map

Bahía Sullivan | Crab | Galapagos Islands
Bartolome | Galapagos Islands
Puerto Ayora | Sea Lion | Galapagos Islands


Walk along crowds of marine iguanas at Punta Espinoza
Lie down on the lava field at Sullivan bay and feel the volcanic energy
Swim with penguins, sea lions, turtles and other marine creatures at Bartolome island
Spot pink flamingos and enjoy a walk at the white sand beach at Las Bachas
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