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Aida MariaAida Maria

Discover Aida Maria, a tourist-superior boat that combines elegance with comfort. The interior of the yacht is adorned with beautiful wooden details, giving it a unique charm. The eight cabins on the exterior feature twin beds with upper and lower bunks, as well as a beautifully appointed bathroom. The Aida Maria, with a capacity for 16 passengers, offers a convivial and intimate setting to explore Galapagos. You can relax in the saloon of the ship or enjoy panoramic views from the solarium. The sun-kissed deck of the Aida Mari yacht is complemented with two social areas, an extensive library, a bar and a well-stocked bar.

The magnificent yacht is the perfect choice for travelers on a budget who want to experience an unforgettable encounter with islands, without having to compromise comfort or convenience.

Aida Maria's compact, ingeniously designed hull allows it to reach areas of the archipelago which are out of reach for larger ships. Our Galapagos Explorers can enjoy a unique experience, as they are able to get up close and personal with the local fauna.

Galapagos Cruise Programs aboard Aida Maria have been carefully curated to enhance the guests' journey. This ensures that each island experience is unique and satisfying. Your expectations will be exceeded the minute you step foot on the islands.

A Galapagos cruise aboard the Aida Mari guarantees a lifetime of unforgettable memories, amazing encounters and eye-opening experiences. The journey takes you to one of the most spectacular places on earth. The bilingual Galapagos National Park guide will lead each expedition, providing not only expert knowledge but also insights from someone who has lived and grown up on these islands.

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