Aida Maria Yacht

Aida Maria Yacht Cruise

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The Aida Maria ship’s interior is beautifully finished, with wooden detailing giving the yacht a charm and character all of its own. Each of the eight outside cabins has twin upper and lower beds and a fully equipped private bathroom.Accommodating a maximum of sixteen passengers, the Aida Maria offers intimate and friendly Galapagos trips, with plenty of time for getting to know your fellow explorers as you relax in the ship’s saloon or take in the view from the solarium. On board, the Aida Maria yacht, offers a spacious sundeck, two separate areas for socializing and a well-stocked bar and extensive library.

The small and well-designed hull of the Aida Maria allows it to reach parts of the archipelago that other larger vessels can’t. This gives passengers on our Galapagos trips a fantastic close-up view of the local plant and animal life even before they get off the boat.

Aida Maria yacht Galapagos cruise programs

Cruises on the Aida Maria are offered as either three, four or seven-day itineraries, each taking in the beauty and tranquillity of the islands.

Highlights include a visit to the magical Espanola Island, where you can see sea lion pups sunbathing next to marine iguanas, a stop in Santa Cruz to visit the Tortoise Rearing Centre and waking up every morning to gaze out of your porthole at the staggering views passing by. Snorkeling gear is also available so that guests can take full advantage of stops made in the crystal clear waters of the islands.

Any Galapagos trips made on board the Aida Maria yacht are guaranteed to be packed full of wonderful memories, fantastic encounters, and eye-opening experiences. Bringing you face to face with one of the most unique places on earth. Each trip is led by a local Galapagos national park guide who will also share the insights of growing up on an island, be ready for seafaring stories as everyone on the islands has had a fisherman or a captain as part of the family. 


5 day cruising itinerary aboard the Aida Maria in the Galapagos Islands

5 Days

Aida Maria yacht Galapagos tour of the Southern island chain 4 days

4 Days

Itinerary B

8 Days

Technical Specifications

  • Category: Economy Class
  • Capacity: 16
  • Dimensions: 21m length / 5 m breadth
  • Engines: 9 knots / 2 CAT 125 hp each
  • Electricity: 2 yammer generators 110 v
  • Fuel Capacity: 1500 gallons/diesel
  • Water Capacity: 2200 gallons filled by desalinator at 80gal. per hour
  • Equipment: Complete navigation and safety equipment, 2 dingies with 16 hp outboard motor.
  • Boat Name: Galapagos Aida Maria Yacht