Monserrat Cruise

From $2,389.00

Yacht Monserrat is named after the Virgin of Montserrat, patroness of Catalonia in Spain. For centuries, sailors worldwide have adopted her as their loyal companion and have revered her as their protector through their journeys at sea. The yacht proudly carries her name as an amulet for both our sailors and guests.

The Yacht aims to create the perfect atmosphere so guests can enjoy a memorable cruise with personalized services and professional attention, excellent food on board, comfortable social areas, a friendly and knowledgeable naturalist guide plus and ample sundeck to share your best moments with your fellow travelers.

This Midrange / Tourist Superior class motor-yacht has a 20-passenger’s capacity and offers cozy cabins with private facilities carefully distributed in the lower and upper decks of the boat: 3 cabins with matrimonial bed and 7 cabins with 2 twin lower-berths. Due to the size and capability of the yacht, it is ideal for small groups of friends, families or even for charter cruises.


Tourist Superior Galapagos Central Islands Cruise

5 Days

Tourist Superior Galapagos West and Central Islands Cruise

8 Days

Tourist Superior Galapagos Southern Islands Cruise

8 Days

Tourist Superior Galapagos East Islands Cruise - 4 days

4 Days

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 20 Passengers
  • Cabins: 6 Upper-deck double-occupancy cabins with twin and double beds. 4 lower-deck double-occupancy cabins with twin and double beds.
  • Boat Layout: Spacious main deck. Lounge, bar and dining room. Large forward sundeck with lounge chairs. Observation deck with out door bar.
  • Crew: With 11 dedicated crew members and a pair of CEO Naturalist Guides familiar with the local flora and fauna and certified by the Galapagos National Park Service, there´s always someone available to answer your questions.