Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 20 Passengers
  • Cabins: 6 Upper-deck double-occupancy cabins with twin and double beds. 4 lower-deck double-occupancy cabins with twin and double beds.
  • Boat Layout: Spacious main deck. Lounge, bar and dining room. Large forward sundeck with lounge chairs. Observation deck with out door bar.
  • Crew: With 11 dedicated crew members and a pair of CEO Naturalist Guides familiar with the local flora and fauna and certified by the Galapagos National Park Service, there´s always someone available to answer your questions.


4 Days
5 Days
7 Days
8 Days
9 Days
11 Days
12 Days
15 Days
LOWER DECK 2024$2,150.00$3,200.00$4,300.00$4,800.00$5,200.00$6,300.00$6,700.00$8,500.00
UPPER DECK 2024$2,300.00$3,400.00$4,600.00$5,100.00$5,600.00$6,700.00$7,100.00$8,900.00
CHARTER - MAX 16 PAX 2024$38,100.00$55,600.00$75,800.00$84,000.00$92,300.00$111,200.00$118,000.00$148,500.00
CHARTER - MAX 16 PAX 2024$42,400.00$61,750.00$84,200.00$93,300.00$102,500.00$123,500.00$132,000.00$165,000.00